Place the Wildfüssler on a flat surface under the sole of your foot so that the writing on the roll points outwards. Roll slowly from your heel up to your toes, – sitting or standing. By shifting your body weight, you can control the pressure and intensity.

Our recommendation: roll three minutes per foot, preferably in the morning and evening.

Effective application

The Wildfüssler is a hand-turned massage roll for your feet. Thanks to its conical shape, which mirrors the anatomy of the foot, the Wildfüssler reaches the entire arch and all structural layers of the foot. The application is very simple and effective.

The Wildfüssler relaxes the muscles, releases tension and stimulates the different layers of tissue. It promotes blood circulation to the tissue and nutrient supply to the tendons.

Two variants

(You can move the brown bar to the left and right.)

Wildfüssler Flex

A real treat for your Achilles tendon.

Wildfüssler Flex is the latest addition to our Wildfüssler family. Building on our many years of experience, we developed this massage roller especially for the Achilles tendon. The Achilles tendon it’s the strongest in the human body – and should to be massaged and kept supple. It attaches to the heel bone and runs up the lower leg. Thanks to the unique shape of the Wildfüssler Flex, it is possible to reach the deeper tissue along the Achilles tendon without straining the ankle.

Wildfüssler production

The Wildfüssler massage rollers are manufactured by hand in a Mühlviertler turnery in Bad Zell (Upper Austria). Turning is one of the oldest crafts. By turning, the woodworker gives the blank form its shape. Only wood from local Ash trees is used in the production of the Wildfüssler.

There are several different steps required before the Wildfüssler acquires the desired shape. The massage roller is carved, sanded, branded and oiled by hand before being packed and sold in a recycled cardboard box.


Ash has a long tradition in carpentry because of its elastic and resistant wood. Thanks to its healing properties, ash has a firm place in folk medicine: it is considered a “wound wood” and folk doctors use an extract of the bark for healing purposes.

Who are Wildfüssler suitable for?

Would you like to activate the muscles, treat the fasciae and give your feet to a pleasant massage before exercising? Do you suffer from heavy legs or tension in the soles of your feet? Then take the first step with Wildfüssler.

Who are Wildfüssler not suitable for?

If you have injuries, open sores on the foot, neurological diseases, or suffer from diabetes, you should not use Wildfüssler.

How to clean Wildfüssler?

Caring for the Wildfüssler is easy. Simply wash under running water and remove coarser dirt with a hand brush.